“Sandra is all heart. After a session with her I always feel better and more balanced. She was so helpful in working with my dog, Dusty. He had medical issues and a session with her always brought him back from a crisis and helped him maintain a good quality of life for 17 years. I deeply appreciate her sessions for myself, my dog and cat and the clients I have referred to her. I appreciate her kind and gentle personality. Recently she helped balance me and my dog and cat after a cross country move. The stress just melted away. I highly recommend her.”
J. Pierson

The BodyTalk System

The BodyTalk System is a holistic healthcare system that supports and promotes the wellbeing of people and animals. BodyTalk blends the scientific principles of quantum physics with the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and Indian Advaitic Vedantic teachings.

As a BodyTalk Practitioner, my role is as a facilitator, deeply respecting the bodymind’s Innate Wisdom, natural processes and priorities. Clients receive a session fully clothed while lying on a massage table. I communicate with the Innate Wisdom of my client’s body via neuromuscular biofeedback and receive information about the priorities for healing. Once the priorities are determined, I use gentle tapping over the head and sternum to set in motion energy formulas which stimulate the body’s natural  healing ability.

The BodyTalk System was founded and developed by Dr. John Veltheim


Accunect is a complete energy healing system that addresses physical, mental and emotional imbalances. It brings the bodymind back into balance so that it can heal naturally. When practicing Accunect, I incorporate muscle- checking and a Health Map to find your unique heath needs in the moment. Once I determine which areas are needing to be balanced, I tap in the energy fields above the head and above the heart to facilitate the balancing.

Accunect bridges the gap between universal consciousness and our current state of being. This connection creates rapid healing on all levels.

Accunect was founded and developed by Dr. Don Ka’imi Pilipovich and Sarah Simonis.

The Quick Pulse

The Quick Pulse Technique is an energy clearing technique that helps to create change in any area of life. Quick Pulse has been used successfully to address a wide variety of issues including: physical pain, insomnia, addictions, limiting belief systems, unwanted behaviors, low self-esteem, abundance issues and many other challenging life situations.

The Quick Pulse Technique was founded and developed by Jo Dunning.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils offer powerful life-enhancing benefits. At times, I incorporate certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils during a session. For clients wanting to use essential oils at home, I make suggestions for oils based on their specific needs.

Distance Sessions

Distance sessions incorporating BodyTalk, Accunect and Quick Pulse are also available.

“When the hands are further away, the Morphogenetic Field is being accessed. This field uses extremely high frequency energy to replace and regenerate all tissues. This is how non-local healing is accomplished.”
Dr.James Oschmann

“Sandra is a miracle worker. My two cats and I have been receiving her healing sessions for more than five years and I’ve seen or experienced profound shifts after every session, often within hours. Sandra is not only incredibly powerful as a healer, she is also the most compassionate, kind and loving human being I know. I highly recommend her work.”
E. Trinkaus

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